Opening a solar power business usually takes a big initial investment. Below steps will show how to start your own business of selling solar panels.

You need to purchase an inventory of solar cells for your solar power companies to be directly placed in customers’ homes and small businesses and they’re not cheap either. From the research done, the average cost to get into the solar sector very high, starting out with less than 500k AED. However, if you decide to invest in the industry then you can expect to make back half of that in no time.

After purchasing your first solar cells from solar energy companies and getting them set up, you then need to find ways of how to generate income from the renewable energy source. Most experts recommend that you first start by selling off the excess products.

However, this depends on how much profit you can generate. If you’re willing to work for it and put in solid business plans, then you can definitely sell your surplus solar panels.

The next step in how to start a solar panel business is to create a solid business plan. Your business plan will help you define the scope of your business. It will also guide you through the process of getting a loan and finding distributors in your area.

With a solid business plan, you now need to find where to get your first batch of solar panels. You can try checking out garage sales or classified ads in your local newspaper. However, these options are a hit or miss at best. Some people do sell their used panels, but they’re often difficult to sell at all.

Another option in how to start a solar panel company is to set up shop as a corporation. With a regular storefront, you’ll be able to buy the equipment you need at wholesale prices. This makes the equipment easier to resell later on, which will help your bottom line. Setting up a local secretary can also be helpful, but a local secretary is not essential. A regular fax machine and reliable telephone lines should do the job just fine.

After setting up your business structure, you have to find ways to market your new company. One idea is to start putting up signs around your neighborhood that advertise your business. You can also run radio ads detailing your services. These are all ways to get your company established on how to start a solar energy panel company.